The Global One Million

This is an audacious undertaking to put one million micro and small enterprises in Africa on the pathway to global competitiveness. In each country, the process for establishing the Program’s Ecosystem and the subsequent execution is spearheaded by our competent and experienced Implementing Partners. These Partners work under the direct technical guidance by the GPS Forum Team and the advisory support from the National Program Advisory Boards.



Building the Program’s Ecosystem and Framework for implementation at the National Level is a lengthy yet worthy process. Since the implementation of this program is independently being undertaken at the country level, the processes for establishing the ecosystem have began in a number of countries across Africa. Each country has a National Program Advisory Board (NPAB) composed of representatives from the government, civil society, and the private business sector.

National Program Advisory Board-Kenya

  1. Ministry of Industry, Trade and Enterprise Development
  2. Global Professional Support Forum
  3. Micro and Small Enterprises Authority
  4. Association of Microfinance Institutions
  5. Kenya Union of Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies
  6. Champions Group Limited
  7. Kenya National Chamber of Commerce 

National Program Advisory Board-Uganda

  1. Ministry of Trade and Industry
  2. Uganda Women Entrepreneurs Association
  3. The Federation of Young Entrepreneurs-Uganda
  4. Uganda Investments Authority
  5. Uganda Small Scale Industries Association (USSIA)

National Program Advisory Board-Rwanda

  1. Ministry of Trade and Industry
  2. Rwanda Development Board
  3. Private Sector Federation of Rwanda
  4. Rwanda Chamber of Women Entrepreneurs
  5. Rwandan Chamber of Young Entrepreneurs

National Program Advisory Board-Tanzania

  1. Ministry of Trade, Industry and Investments
  2. Tanzania Private Sector Foundation
  3. Tanzania Investments Center
  4. Confederation of Tanzania Industries
  5. The Entrepreneurs Organization-Tanzania

National Program Advisory Board-Ethiopia

  1. Ethiopian Investments Agency
  2. Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations
  3. Entrepreneurship Development Centre (EDC)- Ethiopia
  4. Ethiopian Entrepreneurs Association
  5. The Amhara Women Entrepreneurs Association

National Program Advisory Board-Zambia

  1. Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry
  2. Zambia Chamber of Small and Medium Businesses Associations
  3. Zambia National Council for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
  4. Youth entrepreneurs association Of Zambia
  5. Zambia Federation Association of Women in Business (ZFAWIB)

National Program Advisory Board-Malawi

  1. Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism
  2. Indigenous Business Association of Malawi
  3. Small and Medium Enterprises Development Institute-Malawi
  4. National Association of Business Women in Malawi 
  5. Malawi Young Entrepreneurs

National Program Advisory Board-South Africa

  1. Ministry of Trade and Industry 
  2. South African Small Business Association
  3. Young Entrepreneurs Association of South Africa
  4. Africa Women Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum
  5. Small Enterprise Development Agency (Seda)

National Program Advisory Board-Ghana

  1. National Board for Small Scale Industries
  2. Association of Ghana Industries
  3. Ghana Association of Women Entrepreneurs
  4. Ministry of Business Development of Ghana
  5. Ghana Chamber of Young Entrepreneurs