Program Governance

At the continental level, an experienced team who are representatives of key stakeholder organizations guides the Global One Million Program. The involvement and support of these organizations are pivotal to long-term impact on the well-being of micro and small enterprises and the subsequent contribution to Africa’s economy in general


While the roles of each Board Member is a process currently under review, when the process is completed, the participants will be Representatives drawn key organizations

National Program Advisory Boards

In each country, a team provides strategic direction to ensure that the program benefits the micro and small business owners who are in the remotest and hard-to-reach areas. The Global One Million program is a public-private sector driven and its designed specifically for the long-term good of micro and small businesses. As such the National Program Advisory Boards are comprised of representatives drawn from:

Local Implementing Partners

The massive nature and the required depth of outreach for this program necessitate the incorporation of carefully selected foot soldiers for implementation at the country level. These foot soldiers are local professional services firms acquainted with the unique realities and evolving circumstances that greatly influence the directional growth and development of micro and small enterprises sector. Some of these realities span economic, social, cultural, geographical, and political contexts that are distinct and unique for one African country to the next. As such, the Implementing Partners are selected based on their experience working with micro and small enterprises