At the very core of the Global One Million Initiative, the overarching philosophy is, prosperity for all. The ecosystem that advances this prosperity for all philosophy constitutes a network of various players as herein highlighted.

prosperity for all

Micro and Small Businesses Owners

They join the Program willingly while aware of the importance of their involvement and the commitments required to enable their enterprises create decent jobs sustainably

The Respective National Governments

Largely, this is a Government’s Priority area with the GPS Forum and Partners providing the technical capacity to accelerate the implementation

Multinational Corporations

That are keen on investing in specific value chains in such a manner that benefits micro and small businesses and hence increasing the supply of goods with high demand in the end markets

International Development Agencies

Organizations and various Agencies can willingly invest either in boosting the Microlending Capital fund base; underwrite the technical assistance costs or both. Besides opportunities to support the program by sending some of their staff on technical capacity basis to work in the program are open


You can support the capacity building and technical assistance of Micro and Small Businesses enrolled in the program but are based in local community/village/home town

You can as well contribute the Microlending Capital fund base as an investment 

Non-bank financial institutions

Provide the microloans and administer the necessary credit processes as stipulated in this program’s structure

Note: The microloans are advanced to the customers that have been qualified by the program’s appraisal systems


The resources that will be used in this program are diverse and varied. But three categories stand out, namely:

  • Financial resources advanced as a grant, which can be appropriated in two forms: 1- for underwriting the program’s administrative and operational expenses; 2- set aside for micro-lending kitty
  • Material resources given in kind to support the program e.g. computer hardware and software technologies, vehicles, premises, etc
  • Human expertise offering probono services or generally volunteer work

For a detailed resource-wise participation, kindly get in touch with our Resource Support and Development Office in any of the following:

Tel: +254 777 800 129